Before / After


Building re-positioning, changing tenants, improvements of all scales and complexity can greatly benefit from before and after images.  Nothing is more straight forward and explanatory than an overlay on an existing conditions photograph.  These types of images test our skills in photoshop, as many times they are combinations of exiting photographs,  rendered elements, and stock images.  Contact us with with any questions or inquiries.

Tenant Fit-Out


TwoTyresDesign has been part of multiple tenant fit out projects.  Some new construction but many on existing buildings.  Being a multi-discipline shop, from physical models to the latest virtual reality, we can provide materials throughout all stages of providing your client with the ideal space.  No in-house rendering abilities or too busy.  We are happy to team up with an architect in the very beginning of the project at the proposal stage to create a menu of our visualization/design support products.  Your client can now pick and choose what is needed throughout a project with the pricing upfront.  Please contact us with any questions about availability, pricing, process, proposals.










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LAW OFFICE  FIT OUT | New York, New York  Design by HYL Architecture

One Down

Although we have been at this for over 11 years, TwoTyresDesign has officially wrapped up its first year.  A big THANK YOU to  all our clients, friends, partners who made this a wonderful year.

We can't wait to add to this list and are excited to be one of the only shops around to be offering 3D interactive images, virtual reality worlds/tours, and more, pushing the boundaries of traditional visualization.

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Brookland Kitchen

Over the past year TwoTyres has been involved in multiple kitchen renovations.  This home is located in my personal old neighborhood in Washington, DC for a great couple in a classic unique Brookland home.  From initial layout designs, lighting, to finish materials, we helped the owners through the design process.  Our process is extremely flexible from creating illustrations from provided designs by architects, builders, designers, craftsman, and more to providingspreadsheets of Ikea cabinets for the DIYer.  See what your ideas look like before you purchase/build, contact us with any questions!  

Brookland Washington, DC home built in 1910


options, options, options...

some assurance before you purchase that fridge!

Wilmington, NC Residence

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with a variety of clients on numerous different projects.  Although, this one was very special as it was for family building their dream home steps from Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington, North Carolina.  All parties involved were extremely accommodating for letting us get involved.  From revising floor plans, ceilings, roof lines, to the rear elevation we were able to provide drawings and imagery to the Architect and Builder.  Illustrations were also used throughout the process to pick paint colors, widow styles, garage doors, and more.  The home was featured in this months Wrightsville Beach Magazine (link below).

*image courtesy of Wrightsville Beach Magazine, photograph by Andrew Sherman

*image courtesy of Wrightsville Beach Magazine, photograph by Andrew Sherman

Art in Embassies

United States Embassy New Office Annex
Moscow, Russia | client:  HOK DC

I had worked on this project numerous times throughout my years at HOK. It was our pleasure to work on it again as TTD especially with an incredible artist. This image was done to illustrate a sculpture done by Don Gummer in its location at the complex courtyard.  A part of the great Art in Embassies effort.


National Aquarium Base Building Model

National Aquarium Base 2nd Floor  Baltimore, Maryland | Client:  National Aquarium

National Aquarium Base 2nd Floor
Baltimore, Maryland | Client:  National Aquarium

We recently had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD creating a large physical model.  The model at 1/16th scale had a foot print just shy of 6'x 8'.  The 11 piece MDF model had 4 removable roofs, counter sunk stainless screws,  and threaded inserts, all finished off in a subtle durable enamel gray.

We hope this aids the museum's design team in creating their new exhibit for all its visitor's young and old to enjoy for years to come.