Colin Benson 

founder of TwoTyresDesign, Member of IDSA, ASAI


B.I.D of Industrial & Interaction Design
Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York | 570-815-3390


A jack of all trades and a life long tinkerer.  My professional career started out with a temp job cleaning out the loading dock at an architecture firm in Washington DC.  Just shy of ten years later, I had been part of hundreds of projects, as member of the graphics department, started the model shop and 3D printing services, to creating the in house visualization group.
There I realized my enjoyment 

for helping people bring their ideas to life.  Next it was time to try my hand at something I have always wanted, running a business.  TwoTyresDesign is a place for all my design passions and am always excited to see what is around the corner.  I have always been that person that was approached if someone didn't know where to go, from changing a tire on a car, fixing a neighbors bike, to helping design a family 

member's home. I am driven by my passion for helping others develop their ideas. It has allowed me to work on all kind of projects, in many different mediums, all around the world.   
When not in the shop or facing a sea of monitors. You can find me playing with wheels of all kinds, at the beach, or my personal favorite pass time, at home with my wife, boys, and four legged friends.